Biography / CV

Photo (c) Daniil Revkovskyi. Mykola Ridnyi in Kharkiv, 2017

Mykola Ridnyi is an artist and filmmaker. He was born 1985 in Kharkiv. He graduated in 2008 from the National Academy of design and arts in Kharkiv, where he studied in the sculpture department. Since 2005, he has been a founding member of the SOSka group, an art collective based in Kharkiv. The same year he cofounded the SOSka gallery-lab, an artist-run-space in an abandoned house in a center of Kharkiv. Under Ridnyi's lead, the gallery-lab was instrumental in the developing the artistic scene in the region before it was closed in 2012. He curated a number of international exhibitions in Ukraine, among them "After the Victory" (CCA Yermilov centre, Kharkiv, 2014), "New History" (Kharkiv museum of art, 2009) and others. Since 2017 Ridnyi is co-editor of Prostory - online magazine about visual art, literature and society. Currently he lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine

Ridnyi works across media ranging from early collective actions in public space to the amalgam of site-specific installations and sculpture, photography and moving image which constitute the current focus of his practice. In recent films he experiments with nonlinear montage, collage of documentary and fiction. His way of reflection social and political reality draws on the contrast between fragility and resilience of individual stories and collective histories.

His works are in the permanent public collections of Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Arsenal City Gallery in Bialystok, V-A-C foundation in Moscow and others.

Awards, fellowships, residencies

2019 - resident at Villa Serpentara, Olevano Romano, IT / Junge Akademie scholarship, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, DE

2018, 2016, 2014 - shortlisted for the Malevitch Award. Kyiv. UA

2017, 2016 -  resident of the Iaspis studio. Stockholm. SE

2015 - shortlisted for the International Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Award. Vienna. AT

2015 - scholar of the Gaude Polonia, stipendium program of the Minister of culture of Poland; resident of the East of art foundation. Krakow. PL

2015, 2013, 2011 - shortlisted for the PinchukArtCentre Prize. UA

2014 - Künste und Medien Stipendium des Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD for short residenciesBerlin. DE

2012 - grant holder of the "Truth is concrete" marathon-camp. Steirischer Herbst festival. Graz. AT

2011 – fellow of the Sommerakademie, Centrum Paul Klee. Bern. CH

2010 – resident of the CEC ArtsLink, New York / Santa Fe Art Institute. US

2008 - resident of the KulturKontaktAustria. Vienna. AT (SOSka group)

Selected solo exhibitions

2018 "Facing the Wall". Galeria Labirynt. Lublin. PL

2016  "Forecast for Yesterday". Blockhaus DY10. Nantes. FR

2016  "Hang zum Konflikt" (together with Anna Witt). Kunstraum Munchen. DE

2016  "Under Suspicion". Edel Assanti. London. GB

2015  "Clenched Staring Eyes". Art Agenda Nova. Krakow. PL

2014  "Shelter". Visual Culture research center. Kyiv. UA

2012  "Labor Circle". CCA Zamek Ujazdowski, Project Room. Warsaw. PL

Selected group exhibitions and film festivals


"Restless Monuments". Zilberman gallery. Istanbul. TR

"Neighbors". Warsaw Under Construction 10. Cepelia Pavillion. Warsaw. PL

35th Kassel Documentary Film festival. DE

27th DokumentArt Film festival. Neubrandenburg. DE


"The Image of War". Bonniers konsthall. Stockholm. SE

"If Seeing is Believing". Fullersta Gard. Stockholm. SE

"It Won't Be Long Now, Comrades!". Framer Framed. Amsterdam. NL

"Attention! Border". Laribynt gallery. Lublin / Arsenal gallery. Bialystok. PL

"Your Country Doesn't Exist". Museum of modern and contemporary art. Rijeka. HR

"Postponed Futures". GRAD gallery. London. GB

DocudaysUA, international human rights documentary film festival. Kyiv. UA

Odessa International Film festival. UA


"Photography Today: Distant Realities". Pinakotek der Moderne. Munich. DE

"Sentsovs Camera". GfZK - Museum of contemporary art Leipzig. DE

"Universal Hospitality"Into the City / Wiener Festwochen. Vienna. AT

"Our National Body". Taras Shevchenko National Museum. Kyiv. UA

"Guilt". PinchukArtCentre. Kyiv. UA

"Your Country Doesn't Exist". Art radionica Lazareti, Galerija Otok. Dubrovnik / Multimedia Culture Center, Split. HR

"The School of The Devil". Department Vienna of "The School of Kyiv" - Kyiv biennale
Sandleitenhof, Vienna. AT.

"A Sence of History"The Video Art Collection of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein at Nordstern Video Art Center. Gelsenkirchen, DE

"School of Prosperity". A Class of the School of Kyiv / Kyiv biennial. MUSA museum. Vienna, AT


"Politics of Form"GfZK - Museum of contemporary art Leipzig. DE

"Imagined Communities, Personal Imaginations". "Private Nationalism Budapest" / A joint exhibition of the Budapest Gallery and Kiscell Museum. HU

"Beginnings". Gallery Vartai. Vilnius. LT (SOSka group)

"Phone calls from the cemetary and other stories". Academy of the arts of the world. Cologne, DE

"The School of Kyiv - Kyiv biennale". The House of Clothes. Kyiv, UA

"All the World's Futures". Main project of the 56th Venice biennale for contemporary art. IT

"Hope"National Pavillion of Ukraine at the 56th Venice biennale for contemporary art. IT

"Our National Body". Arsenal gallery. Bialystok, PL

"Becoming by Recalling"Passagen Konsthall. Linkoping. SE

"Gimme Shelter - Forts and Fictions in The Lowlands". KunstFort Asperen, Fort Nieuwersluis, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen. NL

"Least the Two Seas Meet". Museum of modern art in Warsaw. PL

"Grammar of Freedom / Five Lessons"Museum for contemporary art Garage. Moscow, RU

"Balagan! Contemporary Art from The Former Soviet Union and Other Mythical Places". Momentum / Nordwind festival. Berlin. DE


"Through Maidan and Beyond"Architekturzentrum Wien. Vienna. AT

"Lockout". Visual Culture Research Center. Kyiv. UA

"Freedom on The Barricades?". Växjö Konsthall. Växjö. SE

"Sister Europe". Kunstraum Lakeside. Klagenfurt. AT

"Deprivation". Arsenal gallery. Bialystok. PL

"Ten Thousand Wiles and a Hundred Thousand Tricks". Meeting points 7, Institute for African Studies, Moscow, RU

"The Ukrainians". DAAD galerie, Berlin, DE


"Global Activism". ZKM. Karsruhe. DE

"Re-Aligned Art". Tromso Kunstforening. Tromso. NO

"Uni-Ja / Uni-On". Open City Festival. Lublin, PL

"The Monument to A Monument". National Pavillion of Ukraine at the 55th Venice biennial for contemporary art. Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti of Venice. IT

"In the Heart of The Country". Exhibition of the collection of Museum of modern art. Warsaw. PL

"Ukrainian News". Centre for contemporay art Ujazdowski Castle. Warsaw, PL


"Shelter". Kunstverein das weisse haus. Vienna, AT

"Angry Birds". Museum of modern art. Warsaw. PL (SOSka group)

"The False Calculations Presidium". Museum of Business and Philanthropy. Moscow. RU

"Ukrainian Body". Visual Culture Research Centre. Kyiv. UA


"The Global Contemporary. Art Worlds After 1989". ZKM. Karlsruhe. DE (SOSka group)

"A Complicated Relation, Part II". Kalmar Konstmuseum. Kalmar. SE

"Impossible Community". Moscow Museum of modern art. Moscow. RU (SOSka group)

An Elusive Object of Art”. Galerie Dana Charkasi. Vienna. AT (SOSka group)


If. Ukrainian Art in Transition”. Museum of contemporary art. Perm. RU

"Intercool 3.0". HMKV / Dortmunder U. Dortmund. DE (SOSka group)

"Court Experiment". Visual culture research center. Kyiv. UA


"Conquered City". Regina gallery. Moscow. RU

"Wakefield Meadows". Pavilion UniCredit. Bucharest. RO (SOSka group)

«The Future Was Yesterday». Gallery SC. Zagreb. HR (SOSka group)

"Rebellion Mausoleum". Stella art foundation. Moscow. RU


New Print Politics: Post-Soviet Politics and Contemporary Art”. Ukrainian Institute of modern art. Chicago. US

«Grabbing at Straws». Studio Guenzani. Milan. IT (SOSka group)


The Art World”. Feinkost gallery. Berlin. DE (SOSka group)

Communities. Young Ukrainian art”. Gallery “Arsenal”. Byalostok. PL


"Generations U&A". PinchukArtCentre. Kyiv. UA

«Team Colors». Gallery F.A.I.T. Krakow. PL

Lectures, seminars, public talks

2018 - "Maidan - an Unfinished Revolution" congress. Evangelische Akademie. Tutzing. DE

2016 - "House of Cards and What to Do About it. Art Institutions Today". Symposium, organized by WHW. Multimedia Institute. Zagreb. HR

2015 - Osteuropa Institut, Free University. Berlin. DE

2014 - "Values and Change" congress. Akademie der Künste. Berlin. DE

2014 - Institute for Contemporary Art. Sofia. BG

2013 - Draftmen's Cogress. Initiated by Pawel Althamer. National Art Museum. Kyiv. UA

2012 - "Truth is Concrete" marathon-camp. Steirischer Herbst festival. Graz. AT

2011 – Аcademy of Fine Arts. Vienna. AT

2010 – Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. Moscow. RU

2010 - Santa Fe Art Institute. New Mexico, US


Critics' and press coverage

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Artist's statements and texts

"Blind spot", Mykola Ridnyi, Serhij Zhadan. Book (UA, DE, EN, RU). Berliner Kunstlerprogramm des DAAD, Berlin, 2014

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