Wrong connection

Railways 1435 mm and 1520 mm. Lenght 30 m.

Produced for Open City Lublin, 2013

The installation “Wrong connection” was made for public space and installed in front of the City hall of Lublin in Poland – one of the most Eastern geographical points of EU but the same time the first symbolic point of the West for people who travels from Ukraine, Belarus or Russia. The construction of two different rail standards (European and Post-Soviet) based on idea of political obstacle but the same time become a real obstacle in the pedestrian area. In local political context where the position of Municipality proclaimed as being open to citizens, the obstacle stands the question of how the institution can be really open: only on the formal level or on the level of real openness to the people's proposals.

Wrong connection” directly refers to the documentary “89 mm from Europe” (1993) filmed by Polish / French film director Marcel Lozinski on the border in a hangar for wheels change. Different standards of railways in former USSR and contemporary EU countries is an example of transport barrier. Exept this there are also administrative obstacles like visa prosedure, luggage or other restrictions. Change of wheels is a ritual, an executable from day to day, in which citizens of different countries suffer the same disadvantages: they are anxious waiting whithout IDs taken by Border Service for a couple of hours. Gesture of the installation alludes to the idea that for the last 20 years since Lozinski's documentary was filmed not so much things changed in relations between West and East.


Site: plac Lokietka, Lublin, PL