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Grey Horses

HD video, 38 min.

Film written, directed, edited and produced by Mykola Ridnyi
Cameramen: Dmytro Pashko, Vadym Smarchenko, Pavlo Itkin and Mykola Ridnyi
Filmed with a support of
The narrative is based on the records of interrogations and memories of relatives of the unknown Ukrainian anarchist Ivan Krupskyi - great-grandfather of the film’s author. Documentary and staged episodes intertwine to reflect paradoxical periods of the hero’s life: leadership of a rebel group, participation in Civil war in the early 1920’s, hiding from persecution by taking the guise of a Soviet policeman, or working as a builder of a plant. This storytelling of the past is performed by today’s heroes: contemporary anarchists, police officers, students and workers. Shootings took place in regions of Central and Eastern Ukraine related to these specific historical events. Using parallels between different times to mix reality and fiction, the film poses questions about controversies surrounding the construction of historical memory and glorification of historical figures in relation to current political agendas.