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Lay and wait

Video documentation of action, 4:45 min.


Action “Lay and wait" near the German embassy in Kiev on September, 4th, 2006 is the result of intrusion of policy during a private life of the artist. A number of attempts to visit the Europe has come to the end at it with a series of refusals in the visa. Even with the invitation to own exhibition, the artist has received the next refusal in the passport. This paradoxical situation also became object of art gesture: when the person has nothing to lose, he can simply lie down on sidewalk in front of the embassy and wait. Result of comical actions became detention of the artist by security of the embassy, answered by aggression on disorient behaviors of the artist. The similar statement convincingly demonstrates absurdity of belief of the Ukrainian politicians about an opportunity of the unobstructed introduction into the European Union, having shown feebleness before system of existing interdictions and the restrictions directed, in the name of politically-economic well-being of the Europe, including against the Ukrainian citizens.

"Lay and wait", stills from video