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Regular places

HD video, 15:23 min.

2014 - 2015

Five places in the center of Kharkiv shows a big city which was on the verge of war on the East of Ukraine. We see people going to work, walking with children or riding a bicycle. Without knowledge of the context, it's almost impossible to imagine fights with smoke bombs and baseball bats, public punishment and humiliation that took place here between the activists of the Maidan and Antimaydan just a few months ago. With a try to save comfort around themselves, people now are trying to erase the memory of the recent confrontation and being dissociated from the conflict that is still ongoing in the neighbor regions. But the evidence in the documentary videos on YouTube or transmitted in spoken private stories will express a phantom pain which raises questions about the fragility of society under influence of affects. Norms and rules of everyday life are questioned after appearance of a logic of violence and right of a force. Echo of violence existed in a memory of the place, remind of the conventions of civil norms, when citizens refuse to compromise, immersed in the search for enemies among their own kind.


"Regular places", stills from video

"Regular places" ("All the World's Futures", Arsenale, 
56-th Venice biennale for contemporary art, 2015
Photo: Alessandra Chemollo / la Biennale di Venezia)