Ant manufactory

Installation: video, rubber, concrete, iron ore


Ant manufactory is a symbolic name of the department in career on extraction of iron ore. This department makes most difficult and risk work in career - delivery of natural materials from the earth to the surface. Work on industry looks like a vicious circle: people who born in workers town inevitably go to work on a carrier with motivation of guaranteed stable salary. The promise of economic benefits to the worker and his family is a guarantee of a future of the industry. “Anthill” contributes to settlement of “worker ants” and stimulates the absence of migration for every new generation. Social symbol of working class hero has gone. Forgotten and lost attributes like the desk of workers honor without portraits or transparencies with faded slogans shows proves the process of de-glorification and automation of labor. Contemporary society abandoned the cultivation of the proletarian hero in favor of growing the marginal masses without own voice and ousted in isolated ghettos. Making parallels with a world of insects, there is the similarity with form of ant parasitism called “slavery”. “Slaves” of ants perform in the nest of “slaveholder" the same work as they could do in own nest, but working for benefit of someone else's tribe. In a little bit different way proletarian masses works for the gain of high-class of society but risk more than someone else to being crushed under the wheel of economic system controlled by political and business elite in their own interests.

"Wheel", rubber, d = 220 cm., installation view PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv
"Anthill", stills from one-channel video, 2:41 mins.