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Mixed Media

Gradual Loss of Vision


Drawings and notes (pen on paper), 42x29,7 cm each (6 in the series)

C-prints on photopaper, 65x90 cm each (5 in the series)


A theme of self-proclaimed republics in Ukraine disappeared from world media when the conflict there relatively calm down. Literally these territories and a situation around them became out of focus. This case is not a unique. On the former USSR area similar change happened with Crimea, Abhazia, South Osetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria and there are many similar situations in the rest of the world. Gradual Loss of Vision includes a number of out-of-focus images with geographical maps of such territories combined with a series of schemes and notes explaining such meanings as field of vision, peripheral vision changes, eye exercises etc. 

Mykola Ridnyi


Installation views:
“After Leaving / Before Arriving”. 12-th Kaunas biennial, 2019. Photo: Kaunas biennial

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