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In Daylight


Black and white photographs, 40 x 40 cm, 15 in the series


In his series In Daylight, the artist not so much conceals, as chooses not to disclose information. He studies the gestures of European populists and leaders of rightwing forces, positioning each gesture in a circle while concealing the person’s identity. A hand symbolizes both authority/power and solidarity. In the early 20th century, a raised fist became the symbol of workers’ unity in a call to establish professional unions. Fists were also used in propagating leftwing ideas on resisting capitalism. Ridnyi reveals asea-change: rightwing populists have since appropriated the methods, gestures and achievements of the leftist movement, discrediting not only the left as such, but also broader principles of freedom of speech and personal expression.

Kateryna Iakovenko

Installation view:
“Facing the Wall”, Labirynt City Gallery, Lublin, 2018. Photo: Wojciech Pacewicz

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