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More Flags


Plaster, acrylic paint, with iron and epoxy resin elements. 10 works 25 - 75 cm high


A series of sculptures refers to the various shapes of government buildings, marketplaces, residential houses or transport facilities. All share one common detail – a flag. Initially this series of sculptures was dedicated to the symbolic role of a flag as an ideological marker of territory. In a time of war flags has an ambivalent meaning – ranging from a symbol of solidarity, national identification and security to occupation and direct danger. From military perspective objects under a flag are often potential targets. Black paint covering the pieces removes any linkage to the original context of the architectural work and provokes associations with burned city environment. Forms which are shaped in a rough expressionist manner, refer to damages of Ukrainian urban infrastructure by Russian attacks. 

Mykola Ridnyi


Installation view:
The School of Kyiv — Kyiv biennial, The House of Clothes venue, 2015. Photo: Mykola Ridnyi

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