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SOSka Group



SOSka Group is a collective of artists founded in 2005 by Mykola Ridniy (born 1985), Serhiy Popov (born 1978), Ganna Kriventsova (born 1985) in Kharkiv, UA. Currently SOSka Group includes two regular participants: Mykola Ridniy (based in Kharkiv) and Serhiy Popov (based in Kyiv). SOSka Group has curated and organized a large number of projects in Kharkiv. Among them is the artist-run space SOSka Gallery-Lab (2005-2012), the international exhibition «The New History» at the Kharkiv State Museum of Art (2009), and the Days of apartment exhibitions, co-organized with other artists (2011-2013).

SOSka Gallery-Lab (2005-2012) was established as an artist-run space upon the successful self-capture of a one-storied house in Kharkiv. The gallery worked as DIY platform by combining the functions of an exhibition space, experimental laboratory, and communications center. As stated by the founders, the gallery’s central mission was to develop local young talent in the arts community, which was lacking in institutional support. Over the course of its existence the gallery-lab became a hotspot for artistic activities and hosted a regular program of events including exhibitions, screenings, lectures and music concerts.

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