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Mixed Media


Speck in the Eye


Color photography, collage (8 in the series, 75 x 100 cm each), audio (15’)


The artist has applied small «patches» to eight large-format pictures that show geological sediments-like looking structures. These images in a format of street stickers document so-called «blind protests» that took place all over the world – among others in Chile, Egypt, Hong Kong, Kashmir, Palestine or Georgia – and became known as demonstrations in solidarity with victims of police or paramilitary brutality, in consequence of which they had lost their eyes or suffered from severe eye injuries. Although the pictures, at first glance, resemble contingent abstractions, they are microscopic images of the eye structure, showing injuries caused by external forces. These ophthalmological samples provide evidence of the real consequences of state violence, which is inscribed in the organic structure of the citizens’ bodies.


Ridnyi transforms these quasi-physical abstractions into a public space by pasting images of solidarity with the victims of violence taken from mass media. Two radiophonic audio pieces enhance the work’s media spectrum and collage acoustically with the images.

Andrei Siclodi

Preview of the audio:


Installation view:
“Transgressions of the Real”, Kunstpavillion, Innsbruck, 2021. Photo: Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen.

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