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The District


4K video, 20 min

Film written and directed by Mykola Ridnyi

Commissioned by  Secession, Vienna

Production: BrahmaFilms, Ukraine

Sound narration: Kateryna Stetsevych


In 2022, a neighborhood of Northern Saltivka in Kharkiv has become the frontier of the Russian invasion and has suffered significant destruction. A walk through the "ghost district" forging ahead of coexistence of past and present, outward and inward landscapes, facts and recollections. Voiceover recites the artist’s memories of places of his childhood and youth that no longer exist.

Installation views:

Secession, Vienna, 2023. Photo: Oliver Ottenschlaeger

01 DISTRICT_20MB_4K_UA.00_11_10_18.jpg
02 DISTRICT_20MB_4K_UA.00_11_10_18.jpg
03 DISTRICT_20MB_4K_UA.00_08_50_11.jpg
04 DISTRICT_20MB_4K_UA.00_06_51_03.jpg
05 2023091420230913_© OLIVER OTTENSCHLÄGER_5004_WEB.jpg
06 2023091420230913_© OLIVER OTTENSCHLÄGER_5014_WEB.jpg
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