Blind Spot

acrylic spray on c-print, 20 works 42 x 59,4 cm each
pen on paper, 4 works 21 x 29,7 cm each
2014 - 2015

The title of Mykola Ridnyi work The Blind Spot is borrowed from ophthalmology. A blind spot is a small area on the retina, where the image is created. To complement it, we rely on our own knowledge and memory without taking into account that we are continuously constructing reality. During the disease the blind spot can be perceived by a person – from the small spot to the total darkness that "fills in" the eye. Ridnyi uses this concept as a metaphor for our society in a state of media war. Basing upon the images from the media reports about the war in Eastern Ukraine, the artist completely destroys them with ink. This work is a critical statement on the mechanical following the reality designed by the media. And social blindness imposed by the propaganda of war, which creates polar vision of reality, dividing society into "us" and "them", "ours" and "theirs." (Tatiana Kochubynska)



Exhibition History:

2015 - "All the World's Futures". 56th Venice Biennale for Contemporary Art, IT

Photo: Alessandra Chemollo / la Biennale di Venezia)

2015 - "Imagined Communities, Personal Imaginations". "Private Nationalism Budapest" / joint exhibition of the Budapest Gallery and Kiscell Museum, HU

2016 - "Guilt". PinchukArtCentre. Kyiv, UA

2016 - "Universal Hospitality". Into the City / Wiener Festwochen. Vienna, AT

2016 - "Forecast for Yesterday". Blockhaus DY10. Nantes, FR

2017 - "If Seeing is Believing". Fullersta Gard. Stockholm, SE

2018 - "Facing the Wall". Labirynt City Gallery. Lublin, PL



Ludwig Museum in Budapest, HU

Arsenal City Gallery. Bialystok, PL