More Flags

plaster, acrylic paint, 10 works 25 - 75 cm high

A series of sculptures refers to the various shapes of government buildings, marketplaces, residential houses or transport facilities. All share one common detail – a flag. Black paint covering the pieces removes any linkage to the original context of the architectural work. The artist reflects upon recent changes in the perception of national symbols in Ukraine, in which ubiquitous flags and national colors have gained particular political and historical importance. The state symbol becomes a symbol of solidarity, national identification, and a specific social marker of territory and security at a time of war. As with any other national symbol, flags are deployed not only to unite, but also to segregate and exclude, manipulate the people in the game of populist rhetoric, and to serve as a political façade for other social problems. The artist critically questions the logic of recent political shifts in which the architectural base, its history, cultural meaning and social functions become less significant than the manifestation of national colors on its surface.


"More flags" (The School of Kyiv - Kyiv biennial, The House of Clothes venue. 2015)