Installation. Video, series of 6 objects, concrete, 2013

During the Cold war political propaganda of USSR and US was producing a social phobia connected with threat of nuclear war and a cult of defense. In modern Ukraine a lot of shelters made in a past as a fallout refuge are sealed. Some of them turned into new functions, according to situate necessity, adapted by personal creativity within lack of facilities. The main object in the video is an underground shelter using for a school subject called Pre-service training. The main character, an old teacher, which subject was very close connected with Soviet ideology do not really care about new political situation but true to own principles of a military man. His students also do not really care about patriotism from schoolbook in their teenage but has a big interest for shooting entourage inspired by computer shooter games and Hollywood action movies.

The documentary video accompanied with a series of objects: architecture models of hidden spaces made as shelters in Soviet past. In this context architecture constructions transformed into sculpture forms made from concrete. This complex of works made in 2012-2013 and related to shelter as relict phenomena received a new meaning in 2014 when the war started on the East of Ukraine: many conserved shelters back to its original function, many of high-school graduates were drafted to army and some of them went to volunteer military battalions.



"Shelter", stills from video, 6:13 mins, 2012

"Sheter" ("Politics of form", Museum for contemporary art Leipzig, 2015. Photo: Michael Ritzmann).

"Shelter" ("Monument to a monument", National Pavillion of Ukraine at the
55th Venice biennial for contemporary art. Palazzo Loredan - Istituto Veneto di Scienze, 2013)